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Darkroom Hire

Saturday 3rd March 18 - Sunday 3rd March 19

When: To Be Decided
Time: To Be Decided
Cost: £10
£5 per hour (concession rate)

We are glad to announce that our Darkroom is now available to hire. It is accessible to all.

* Available 11am-5pm, Tuesday-Saturday

* Induction required for first time users (20-30 minutes long)

* Hourly rate is per booking, not per person

* Materials (paper, film etc.) not included

* Chemicals are provided

* Concession rate: Course participants, students & community groups

Before booking, all users must either have prior darkroom experience, be a past-participant of our 'Film' photography courses, or have completed our 'Darkroom Induction'. 

Darkroom Rates

  • Induction                   £20 £10 (concession)
  • Hourly Rate                £10 £5 (concession)
  • Daily Rate (6 hours)    £40 £20 (concession)
  • Monthly Rate              £200 £100 (concession)
  • Yearly Rate                 £600 £300 (concession)

If you would like to hire the Darkroom, or would like more information, contact Conor at


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