Past Exhibition

Annadale Flats - Me. You. Us - Building a United Community

Community Partner: Annadale and Haywood Residents Association - facilitated by Kelly Morris - 27 January to 18 March 2014

‘Me. You. Us’ is a collaboration between Belfast Exposed and a group of young people from Annadale and Hayward Residents Association. The exhibition is a showcase of the work undertaken by two projects which were run from April to November 2013. The two Projects had a linked theme.

‘Living Within a Diverse Community’ – facilitated by Tanya Kirk O’Neill
The first project used photography to create an open dialogue on cultural identity. Initially it enabled the young people to explore and embrace their own cultural diversity before learning about the new and different cultures now present in the Annadale area. Working with Tanya the young people were guided through the creative process to explore ideas and ask questions of their local community.   The final piece of work enables a wider view of Annadale than many previously would have seen.

‘Challenging Hate Crime’ – facilitated by Kelly Morris
The second project was a reflective process using images, media reports and personal experiences investigating hate crime. The visual story telling project was supported by Jeanette, the Annadale and Haywood Community Development Worker. It enabled the young people to explore their personal stories of hate crime. The final piece of work invites the viewer to look in more depth within themselves.

Belfast Exposed Community Engagement has over 20 years' experience delivering photographic projects with local communities across Northern Ireland. Whether building new skills or community capacity, we design our projects side by side with community partners to enable creativity and critical thinking, where the camera becomes a tool for driving and documenting change. If you or your group would like to undertake a photography workshop or training please email or call 028 90231009

'Me. You. Us' will be on display at the Waterfront Hall until Tuesday 18 March.