Past Exhibition

The Intermix Project

Community Partner: The Odd Theatre Company and Rathbone - facilitated by Mervyn Smyth - 10 January to 31 January 2013

This 4-week project used digital photography and digital media to enable a group of young people from Belfast to explore young peoples issues in the city.  The project was delivered in partnership with the Odd Theatre Company and Rathbone and was designed to enable a group of young people to develop skills in the digital media that they could then use to help with future employment opportunities.

The project was facilitated by Belfast Exposed community artist Mervyn Smyth who worked alongside theatre and digital media practitioner Rebecca Friel from The Odd Theatre Company.

During January 2013 the participants explored young peoples thoughts and views of growing up in Belfast. Focusing on the issues surrounding youth unemployment and living in a city in transition the group used photography, film, recorded interviews and drama to create a multi-disciplinary theatre performance. This performance was then shown to an audience of invited decision makers, highlighting young peoples views on the issues and creating debate about how to create a positive future for young people living in the city.

Rathbone are an inclusive group, they specialize in working with young people from Belfast who are not in employment, education and training (NEET). They help create positive life choices for young people.