Past Exhibition

Off The Wall

Belfast Exposed, Washington DC - 7 June to 28 June 2001

With the support of Belfast City Council, the Arts Council of Ireland, Northern Ireland Bureau, AFL-CIO and DC Friends of Ireland, Belfast Exposed exhibited a selection of large-format digital prints from its archive, at the AFL-CIO building in Washington DC from June 7th to 21st 2001. The exhibition was accompanied by 2 Belfast Exposed representatives who promoted the work of the organisation and Irish photographers in the States and presented and discussed this alternative and intimate picture of Belfast.

Through the exhibition, we sought to raise awareness of our On-line Archive Project which will preserve and make accessible a unique social/historical document. Belfast Exposed is working in partnership with the Northern Ireland Public Records Office, Ulster Historical Foundation and the Centre for Learning Resource on the digitisation of a number of Irish visual and textual collections. Belfast Exposed has been engaging with photographers and community groups through a series of discussion groups and seminars on the process of editing and contextualising the images.