Image © Gábor Arion KudászImage © Gábor Arion KudászImage © Gábor Arion Kudász

Current Exhibition


Gábor Arion Kudász - 29 June to 19 August 2017

Image © Jacqueline Douglas, 2017Image © Jacqueline Douglas, 2017

Belfast Exchange

Complete and Utter Happiness

Jacqueline Douglas - 29 June to 19 August 2017

Peace People: Williams 1980s

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Belfast Exposed Photography is Northern Ireland’s principal gallery of contemporary photography, commissioning, publishing and showing work by local and international photographers. We undertake community engagement and photography projects across Northern Ireland in line with our socially engaged ethos of addressing exclusion, increasing access and creating opportunities for learning and training. Belfast Exposed also provides bespoke courses for individuals, schools and businesses.