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Doherty, K.

Sean McKernan

Location: Belfast

Photo Date: 1981

Kieran Doherty, aged 25, IRA, died on 73rd day of hunger strike, August 2nd 1981. The 8th republican to die in protest for political status March - August 1981, he had been elected to the Irish Dail (parliament) for Cavan-Monaghan.
The 1981 hunger strikes marked the culmination of a programme of prison protest, centered on republican demands for the restoration of political (or special) status. Ten republican prisoners fasted to death in Long Kesh/Maze prison in a campaign which captured the attention of the world. The campaign began in March 1981 with Bobby Sands (IRA) who died on May 6th after 66 days without food and ended with the death of Michael Devine (INLA) on August 20 1981.