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Gallagher, G

Sean McKernan

Location: West Belfast

Photo Date: 1996

INLA chief of staff, Gino Gallagher was shot dead on January 31st 1996 in the Falls Road social security office. No one was ever charged with the shooting although the Police identified the gunmen within the INLA, suggesting that Gino Gallagher was killed as a consequence of internal feuding. This suggestion has been denied.

Gino Gallagher's funeral was disrupted and delayed by a series of stand offs between police and mourners.
The Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) was founded in December 1974, when members of the Official IRA, discontent with the unilateral truce declared (by the OIRA) in May 1972, split. Feuding between both groups ensued. By February 1976, the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) was established as the armed wing of the IRSP. Both groups experienced intensive state repression and ongoing divisions that would culminate in a bloody feud between 1986-87.