Belfast Exposed Futures at Duncairn Centre for Culture & Arts

We are pleased to present 'Interactions' at Duncairn Centre for Culture & Arts in March 2017.

To celebrate the success of the second year of the Belfast Exposed Futures Programme and to launch the exciting new programme for 2017, Interactions brings together artists who have taken part in the scheme over the past two years.

The exhibition explores the relationship between human presence and particular landscapes and spaces, both real and imagined, through photography and will present new work alongside previously exhibited pieces that have been reimagined in the context of a group exhibition.

Exhibiting Artists:

Ciaran Og Arnold
Peter Evers
Alberto Maserin
Aisling McCoy
Jan McCullough
Yvette Monahan
Joanne Mullin
Jill Quigley
Andrew Rankin
Ruby Wallis

Visit the Duncairn website for exhibition information and opening hours

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