At Belfast Exposed we implement a range of policies that demonstrate an openness in our decision making processes and a dedication to guaranteeing a safe environment for our visitors, participants and staff.

Exhibitions Policy

Belfast Exposed is interested in new work by artists using photography and considers proposals from artists nationally and internationally. Our exhibitions programme is usually planned up to 12 months in advance and new proposals are considered twice a year (in February and July).

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Volunteer Policy

Belfast Exposed recognises that volunteering makes a contribution to society. On a societal level it can enhance active citizenship and social cohesion, as by its very nature volunteering is about bringing people together. On an individual level people see volunteering as a way of developing social contacts and giving something back.

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Equal Opportunities Policy

Belfast Exposed Photography is committed to developing and implementing a Policy of Equal Opportunities.

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Sexual and Racial Harassment Policy

Belfast Exposed will not tolerate any incidences of sexual or racial harassment from whatsoever source and will not condone any breaches of this Code of Practice.

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Disability Equality and Awareness Policy

Belfast Exposed Photography believes that all persons are equal irrespective of age, disability, employment status, ethnic origin, gender, linguistic preference, marital status, nationality, political affiliation, race, religious conviction, sexual identity or socio-economic group.

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Health and Safety Policy

Belfast Exposed Photography, as an employer, is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all its employees, freelance staff, course and workshop participants, user groups, audiences and any other people who may be involved in its activities. The ultimate responsibility for health and safety at Belfast Exposed Photography rests with its Board of Directors.

This statement applies to all premises and activities within the control of Belfast Exposed Photography.

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Policy for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable People

Everyone involved with Belfast Exposed, in whatever capacity, has a role to play in safeguarding the welfare of children and preventing abuse.

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Bookings & Cancellation Policy

Photographic training cancellation and bookings policy

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Photography in the Community Policy

Belfast Exposed Photography in the Community seeks to engage with wide range of people and organisations, of all ages, interests and backgrounds. Whether developing a team of local volunteers, providing skills for employability and enterprise, or planning a local promotion or campaign, a Belfast Exposed photography project can provide an exciting, enjoyable and creative experience which adds value community development work.

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