Archive: Lisburn Road

Ursula Burke and Daniel Jewesbury

Related Exhibition: Archive: Lisburn Road

ISBN: 0-9524217-4-7

Publisher: Belfast Exposed Photography

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Archive: Lisburn Road is a photographic document of a middle-class suburb of Belfast, produced during Spring and Summer of 2004. It renders visible a community that does not define itself as a ‘community’, a people who have been content to be invisible. Ursula Burke and Daniel Jewesbury employ a pseudo-anthropological gaze to capture the material culture of a small neighbourhood, centred around a half-mile stretch of the Lisburn Road. This area not only features the highest concentration of ‘luxury’ retail outlets in Belfast (boutiques, delicatessens, winebars, cafés) but public spaces and private homes quite distinct from those usually featured in representations of Belfast. Neatly-trimmed hedges form the ‘soft boundaries’ between private and public space, sports cars line the streets, locals promenade along the road or socialise in pavement cafés.

This could be any affluent suburb in Britain or Ireland. Burke and Jewesbury have produced an unexpected view of Belfast, one that runs counter to the (still) prevailing representations in photojournalism and art photography – war-torn, industrial (more recently, post-industrial), divided by inexplicable hatreds.