Belfast Exposed


6th Oct - 19th Nov

Re-Imagining Treason

In Re-Imagining Treason, Mhairi Sutherland combines research and lens-based media to explore imperialism and nationalism. Rep...

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6th Sep - 15th Oct

Street View: To Bend & To Shape

In this new work for Streetview, Clare Samuel explores the notion of the Self and the Other. Specifically, in relation to fem...

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24th May - 25th May

Belfast Exposed Photography Academy Showcase 2022

Belfast Exposed is proud to present The Belfast Exposed Photography Academy Showcase 2022, an exhibition featuring work from ...

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14th Oct - 25th Nov

Looking Through Our Eyes

Belfast Exposed present a photographic exhibition exploring the theme of portraits by a group of individuals who have an acqu...

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Atlas Women’s Centre


22nd Jul 2020 to 9th Sep 2020

About The Exhibition

Belfast Exposed has been undertaking a photography project with Atlas Women’s Centre engaging a group of local women from the greater Lisburn area. The project, funded by Together: Building a United Community (T:BUC), looks at the history of Lisburn in its turbulent times, from the Lisburn Burnings in August 1920 during the Swanzy Riots, to its benefactor such as Sir Richard Wallace - whose water fountains can be seen in Lisburn and Paris - and captures how these events and people have shaped the city, and the beauty of the parks, gardens and historical landmarks which still stand today.


Together: Building a United Community (T:BUC)