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29th May - 7th Jun

Post Truth

Belfast Exposed is delighted to present Post Truth, a group exhibition curated by Deirdre Robb and included in the 2019 Belfa...

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25th Jan - 23rd Feb

Linda Conroy

Celebrating a new year, Belfast Exposed is delighted to announce two new exhibitions, a new group exhibition with photographi...

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10th May - 10th Aug

In Full Bloom Exhibition – Experiences

The showcase of work in the Arts Care In Full Bloom Exhibitions - Experiences, exhibiting in Belfast Exposed’s Studio Galle...

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1st Apr - 24th Apr

Living in the Moment

Living in the moment is a collaboration between Belfast Exposed and a group of tenants from Mullan Mews and Sydenham Court, t...

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A Mnemonic Device for Belfast



Kate Catterall


Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 March 2019


9:30am - 5pm





About The Course

What is a Mnemonic Device?

It is a technique that a person can use to help them improve their ability to remember something. It is a memory technique to help your brain better recall important information; a simple shortcut that helps us associate the information we want to remember with an image, an artefact, a sentence, or a word. It is a mechanism for retrieving personally relevant memories, unlike memorials, which are typically fraught with the association of war, heroism and patriotism; or historical markers that are designed to reinforce 'authorised' narratives, a particular version of history.

The Workshop

Participate in creating new parameters & generating fresh ideas for a Mnemonic Device for the City of Belfast. Develop meaningful concepts for public artworks & urban interventions for everyone, that prompt passerby to share personal recollections & idiosyncratic stories of everyday lives lived against the backdrop of Belfast's most challenging moment.

Who Should Participate

Artists, designers, architects, historians, storytellers, writers, journalists & non-artistic collaborators welcome.

Course Schedule

Saturday 2nd March

  • 9:30am: Meet to embark on walking tour of Belfast, following a route that traces the old security cordon around the city center circa 1972. Meeting place: Caffe Nero 91-93 Royal Ave, Belfast BT1 1FE
  • 11:00am:   Walk concludes at Belfast Exposed, 23 Donegall St, Belfast BT1 2FF. Introductory sessions
  • 1:00pm:   Lunch (brown bag lunch: coffee, tea, biscuits and water will be provided)
  • 2:00pm:   Define parameters for the Mnemonic Device *Charrette.
  • 5:00pm:   Conclude for the day

A Design Charrette involves an intensive period of improvisation and bricolage leading to the visualisation of a concept, in this case a proposal for an Mnemonic Device; an urban art and/or design intervention(s) in the City of Belfast. The term is borrowed from an approach used in the training of architects at the École des Beaux-Arts in the latter part of the 19th Century.

Sunday 3rd March

  • 10:00am:   Meet at Belfast Exposed undertake the Charrette; generating and visualizing concepts (individually and/or collaboratively).
  • 4:00pm:   Pin up and discuss outcomes amongst the participants (visitors are welcome)
  • 5:00pm:   Conclude for the day

For more information contact Conor at

Course Structure

We have 30 years experience delivering practical training courses enabling students to develop and grow as photographers. Our photography training structure has 4 stages, where students progress through each stage, developing their skills and understanding of photography. Participants may begin their journey at any stage.

We also offer one-day specialist Focus On workshops. Alternatively, if you would like a Bespoke training course, we can create a one-to-one training experience for you.

Stage 1 is an introduction to digital photography, designed both for beginners and those wishing to refresh previous knowledge.

Stage 2 is for those who want to further develop their knowledge and practice of photography, and provides the opportunity to have your work reviewed by one of the Belfast Exposed tutors.

Stage 3 will help you develop your personal style, confidence and technique, by experimenting with a number of specialist themes and practices. We offer Stage 3 courses specialising in Street, Portrait, Landscape and Documentary photography. your work reviewed by one of the Belfast Exposed tutors.

Stage 4 is an extensive, advanced level course designed for photographers with a keen interest in moving into a career or education in photography.