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3rd Jun - 17th Jul

Street View: Yan Wang Preston

Belfast Exposed’s Street View presents Yan Wang Preston’s three bodies of work produced in the last decade, for which she...

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3rd Jun - 17th Jul


Belfast Exposed presents AEON, a solo exhibition by Swiss photographer and artist Marcel Rickli. AEON explores radioactive wa...

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14th Oct - 25th Nov

Looking Through Our Eyes

Belfast Exposed present a photographic exhibition exploring the theme of portraits by a group of individuals who have an acqu...

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1st Mar - 22nd Apr

Natural Connections

Belfast Exposed is delighted to partner with Translink on a photography competition to capture the 'Natural Connections' whic...

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Masterclass: Cathal McNaughton



Cathal McNaughton


Saturday 7 November 2020


9am - Evening





About The Course

Cathal McNaughton is a Pulitzer prize-winning Irish photographer currently based in Ireland. After winning the Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for his coverage of the Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh, Cathal relocated backed back to Ireland where he is continuing his work documenting people and places.

This masterclass is a unique workshop combining real world assignments alongside professional instruction in technical and conceptual issues that enable participants to sharpen their critical thinking, research and technical skills. Participants will be given an assignment in the local community which you will research and photograph under a strict deadline. You will be shown how to construct a narrative and illustrate your assignment in a professional, compassionate, ethical and visually effective way. We will be working with local charities who will help us engage with members of the community on sensitive subjects and in turn we will be helping them highlight their cause.

It is an intense workshop that requires professionalism and commitment from all involved, therefore prospective participants must meet the requirements and criteria below. The workshop is strictly limited to six people. Cathal will accompany you at all times to give expert guidance and ensure best practice. The workshop is ideally suited to:

  1. Practicing photojournalists and documentary photographers who would like to hone their skills.
  2. Individuals with prior learning in photography who wish to advance in the fields of photojournalism and documentary photography.
  3. Graduates in photography, multimedia studies or related fields.
  4. Advanced amateur photographers with a keen interest in photography.

This masterclass is designed to replicate one of the thousands of assignments Cathal has photographed in his twenty plus years as a photojournalist. Therefore, the workshop will begin at 9am and will finish in the early to late evening.

What you will need
  • A digital camera, or film camera, with manual controls.
  • Experience, knowledge and technical skills in photography.
  • A keen interest in photojournalism and documentary photography.
What you will learn
  • Advanced experience, knowledge and confidence in photojournalism and documentary photography.
  • Constructive criticism and feedback from a Pulitzer prize-winning photographer.
  • Expert experience and guidance from professional photographers.
  • Critical thinking, writing and research to develop and inform your project.
  • Explore ways to prepare, plan and carry out a photography project.
  • Explore ways to curate and present your work to a professional standard.
  • Produce a professional standard photography project.
  • Develop the ability and experience to pursue a career or education in photography.

For more information contact Conor at

Course Structure

We have 30 years experience delivering practical training courses enabling students to develop and grow as photographers. Our photography training structure has 4 stages, where students progress through each stage, developing their skills and understanding of photography. Participants may begin their journey at any stage.

We also offer one-day specialist Focus On workshops. Alternatively, if you would like a Bespoke training course, we can create a one-to-one training experience for you.

Stage 1 is an introduction to digital photography, designed both for beginners and those wishing to refresh previous knowledge.

Stage 2 is for those who want to further develop their knowledge and practice of photography, and provides the opportunity to have your work reviewed by one of the Belfast Exposed tutors.

Stage 3 will help you develop your personal style, confidence and technique, by experimenting with a number of specialist themes and practices. We offer Stage 3 courses specialising in Street, Portrait, Landscape and Documentary photography. your work reviewed by one of the Belfast Exposed tutors.

Stage 4 is an extensive, advanced level course designed for photographers with a keen interest in moving into a career or education in photography.