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3rd Aug - 16th Sep

Portrait of Humanity Vol. 5

In partnership with the British Journal of PhotographyBelfast Exposed is delighted to be hosting the British Journal of P...

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1st Jun - 22nd Jul

Else Time | Ulster University MFA Photography Exhibition 2023

In this unique time that we find ourselves in, the things that once were so certain, are no longer so.Else Time is an 'ot...

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21st May - 22nd May

Showing the faces of dementia with Alzheimer’s NI

Ahead of the Alzheimer’s Society Annual Conference 2019 (ASAC19), Belfast Exposed was commissioned by Alzheimer’s NI to w...

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4th May - 20th May

Coronation Generation 2023

Bringing together young people from across communities for Coronation GenerationIn April 2023, Belfast Exposed worked wit...

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Portfolio Review



Deirdre Robb


Participant chooses the date


Participant chooses the time





About The Course

The ‘Portfolio Review’ is designed for photographers with a developed and committed approach to their work. The purpose of the review is to provide photographers, and artists working with photography, the opportunity to present their portfolio and gain a professional opinion on their work and constructive feedback on their artistic development, and expand their professional network and exchange ideas.

The time and date of the review will be decided to suit both the participant and the reviewer. When a booking is made, a date will then be decided.

The review will last 30 minutes. We advise you to prepare accordingly and think about what you would like to achieve from the review, in order to maximise the opportunity. The review can also be delivered online. We will provide instructions and one-to-one support for participants who need help accessing the online platform (Zoom) used to deliver the course.

What you will need
  • A carefully considered and planned portfolio of 10 to 20 images.
  • Submit the images of your portfolio before the review.
  • Submit a brief description to accompany the portfolio, to provide more context and information for the reviewer.
  • For online portfolio reviews, participants must have access to Zoom. Zoom is very user-friendly, and we can provide one-to-one support if you require any assistance in using the app.
What you will learn
  • Gain a professional opinion and critique of your portfolio.
  • Receive constructive feedback on your artistic and career development.
  • How to present and talk about your work effectively.
  • Expand your professional network and knowledge of the photography sector.
  • Exchange ideas and concepts to further progress and develop your work.

For more information contact Conor at

Course Structure

We have 30 years experience delivering practical training courses enabling students to develop and grow as photographers. Our photography training structure has 4 stages, where students progress through each stage, developing their skills and understanding of photography. Participants may begin their journey at any stage.

We also offer one-day specialist Focus On workshops. Alternatively, if you would like a Bespoke training course, we can create a one-to-one training experience for you.

Stage 1 is an introduction to digital photography, designed both for beginners and those wishing to refresh previous knowledge.

Stage 2 is for those who want to further develop their knowledge and practice of photography, and provides the opportunity to have your work reviewed by one of the Belfast Exposed tutors.

Stage 3 will help you develop your personal style, confidence and technique, by experimenting with a number of specialist themes and practices. We offer Stage 3 courses specialising in Street, Portrait, Landscape and Documentary photography. your work reviewed by one of the Belfast Exposed tutors.

Stage 4 is an extensive, advanced level course designed for photographers with a keen interest in moving into a career or education in photography.