Photo Comic – Life in Self-Isolation

Photo Comic – Life in Self-Isolation (for all ages)

Create your own photo style comic strip that tells your story of being in self-isolation!

Use a camera or smartphone to take a series of photographs telling your story. Print and cut out your photos, arrange them on the page to tell your story then stick them in place. You can then cut out and write your own speech bubbles, stick on other images and draw over the top of your photos.

Activity 1 - Photo Comic

No home printer? Do it digitally!

You can upload your photos to the website below to make a comic. Then add speech bubbles, clipart and other effects as instructed on the website.
This website is 100% free.

For extra fun you can also turn your photos into a cartoon before making your comic.
Free for basic use, sign up is required.

There are many more websites online to choose from and apps for mobile phones at the Google Play Store for android devices and the App Store for iPhone.

Please share your wonderful creations with us. We’d love to see them!


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