Jill Quigley – Futures Artist

Piggery (Pink), from the series ‘Rural Fluorescent’, 2015 © Jill Quigley

Jill Quigley – Futures Artist

Jill Quigley joined the Belfast Exposed ‘Futures Artists’ programme in 2015 and produced a solo exhibition ‘Rural Fluorescent‘. Since then, Jill has gained several awards and exhibitions.

Jill’s work is focused on the complexities created by the act of photographing architectural space. Whether relating to atmosphere, functionality, cultural relevance or aspiration, we attach many concepts to what is essentially inert. She finds it fascinating to investigate, and then to challenge, her own and others’ notions about the places they encounter. In the development of strategies to do this she seeks a broader perception of experience of both space and its representation, recontextualising the inherent relationships to allow new interpretations to form.

The Belfast Exposed ‘Futures Artists’ programme was a huge help to Jill getting started as an artist, as with the support of the programme she could experiment and create new work, and have access to a much wider audience than she normally could have expected. The opportunity to have a solo show allowed her to be much more creative with installation approaches than she had previously been. Jill held the exhibition of her ‘Futures Artists’ project ‘Rural Fluorescent’ in Belfast Exposed in September 2015. Around the same time the gallery brought her work to the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam, allowing her project to be seen by a large audience, which resulted in several sales. Last year, an installation she put together for ‘Interactions‘, a group show of ‘Futures Artists’ work, was purchased by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. In 2017, ‘Rural Fluorescent’ was as a part of the exhibition ‘Post-Picturesque: Photographing Ireland’ shown at the Perlman Teaching Museum, and later the Rochester Arts Museum, in Minnesota.

View a selection of Jill Quigley’s portfolio below

Lougherys 1, from the series ‘Cottages of Quigleys Point’, 2013 © Jill Quigley

Magowans 1, from the series ‘Cottages of Quigleys Point’, 2013 © Jill Quigley

Piggery (Pink), from the series ‘Rural Fluorescent’, 2015 © Jill Quigley

Calf Shed, from the series ‘Rural Fluorescent’, 2015 © Jill Quigley

Installation view, ‘Intervention/Cottages of Quigley’s Point’, Safehouse 1, Peckham, 2015 © Jill Quigley

Installation view, ‘Rural Fluorescent’, Rochester Art Center, Minnesota, 2017 © Jill Quigley

Wall 18 (Pink), Untitled, 2018 © Jill Quigley

Installation view, PXIX, Platform Arts, 2019 © Jill Quigley

Spread from Funhouse dummy book, 2019 © Jill Quigley