Belfast Exposed


4th Jun - 29th Jun


Each year, Belfast Exposed proudly collaborates with Ulster University’s Belfast School of Art Photography Department to pr...

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4th Jun - 27th Jul

Belfast Stitched

Leon Krige is a South African photographer and architect on a mission to capture the intricate urban landscapes of major cosm...

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25th Sep - 7th Oct

Young People Behind the Lens

Over the summer, a group of young people from Start 360 explored the cityscape of Belfast. They found new ways to see the...

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21st May - 22nd May

Showing the faces of dementia with Alzheimer’s NI

Ahead of the Alzheimer’s Society Annual Conference 2019 (ASAC19), Belfast Exposed was commissioned by Alzheimer’s NI to w...

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Artist Talk & Book Launch: Ed Kashi



18th May 2023




Belfast Exposed



About The Event

Belfast Exposed invites you to the Artist Talk & Book Launch for Ed Kashi and his recent publication ’Abandoned Moments: A Love Letter to Photography’ - a window into Kashi's unique voice and craft, and presents glimpses of ordinary life, as well as extraordinary events, struggles, and triumphs. He’s documented and photographed topics as diverse as the impact of oil in Nigeria, the protestant community in Northern Ireland, the lives of Jewish settlers in the West Bank, climate change, the plight of Syrian refugees, the global epidemic of chronic kidney disease among agricultural workers and the impact of an aging society through his project Aging in America.

The event takes place at 6:00pm, Thursday 18th May in Belfast Exposed.

Tickets: Book your free ticket here

About the Book

If the decisive moment reflects reality in tune with the photographer's intuition, flawlessly combining composition and timing, then the abandoned moment is the consequence of a fractional instant of surrender. This collection, made over a 40-year period by renowned photographer Ed Kashi, reveals imprecise glimpses of transitory events filled with frenetic energy - the chaos of everyday life. Embodying photography's intrinsic power, they preserve moments that can never occur again in exactly the same time and space. When geometry, mood, and possibility unite to un intentionally create something new, the magical and fictional qualities of still photography capture the unplanned essence of existence. In contrast to his journalistic approach of deep personal connection and keen observation, this work is about capturing the untamed energy of a moment with abandon.

About the Artist


Ed Kashi is a photojournalist and filmmaker dedicated to documenting the social and geopolitical issues that define our times. In addition to photography and filmmaking, Kashi is an educator and leading voice in photojournalism, documentary photography and visual storytelling. He has received numerous awards, including Pictures of the Year International Multimedia Photographer of the Year 2015, UNICEF’s Photo of the Year 2010, a Prix Pictet 2010 Commission and honors from World Press Photo, Communication Arts and American Photography. Kashi’s images have been published and exhibited worldwide and his personal projects and editorial assignments, including 17 feature stories for National Geographic magazine, have been published in twelve monographs. In 2002, with his wife, filmmaker Julie Winokur, they founded Talking Eyes Media; a non-profit production company dedicated to social and geopolitical issues. In 2014, they began an innovative project with Rutgers University-Newark called Newest Americans, a storytelling project focused on the issue of immigration, and in 2017 received a prestigious National Endowment for the Humanities grant to continue the project for two more years. His 12th book, Abandoned Moments: A Love Letter to Photography, was just named Photo Book of the Year by the International Photography Awards.