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6th Feb - 30th Mar

Navigating Queer Landscapes

We are delighted to be working with the Queer Artist Forum to bring the work of two of its members to Embrace Style, the incl...

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7th Mar - 23rd Mar

Memorial UnMemorial

Artist Gwen Stevenson embarked on a poignant year-long durational performance, marking the 25th Anniversary of the Good Frida...

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25th Sep - 7th Oct

Young People Behind the Lens

Over the summer, a group of young people from Start 360 explored the cityscape of Belfast. They found new ways to see the...

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21st May - 22nd May

Showing the faces of dementia with Alzheimer’s NI

Ahead of the Alzheimer’s Society Annual Conference 2019 (ASAC19), Belfast Exposed was commissioned by Alzheimer’s NI to w...

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In Conversation: Tristan Poyser with Deirdre Robb (Online)



18th February 2021




Online (via Zoom)


Free Admission

About The Event

Belfast Exposed invites you to an 'In Conversation: Tristan Poyser with Deirdre Robb (Online)'. In this online event, artist Tristan Poyser will be sharing and discussing his two most recent projects with Deirdre Robb. We are currently showcasing Tristan Poyser's two projects - The Invisible In-between: An Englishman’s Search For The Irish Border and Masked: a Portrait of Amazon - through Belfast Exposed Street View.

This event will be held online via Zoom. You can book your free ticket through the Eventbrite link below, which will contain a link to join us on Zoom. The online event takes place at 1pm, Thursday 18th February.

"The two projects share a commonality, in that they both explore political, cultural and social issues at a time of great uncertainty. In both projects, Poyser engaged with the public to 'encompass their opinions, hopes and desires about their unique socio-political situations. As a collective, their voices amass an account which is representative of precarious times. Each respondent was invited to tear a print in ‘The Invisible In-between’ to make the invisible visible then to share a written comment about their thoughts on Brexit. In a similar manner, a subset of photographs from ‘Masked’ is a series of 130 Amazon employees asked to write and display their introspections'."

Tristan Poyser's work explores identity and perceptions through social documentary and more recently self portraiture and still life, with a view to creating a narrative of current affairs, that reflects the views and opinions of the general public, opposed to those controlled by politicians and the media.