At Belfast Exposed, we are investing in the new generation of photographers. Established in 2015, Belfast Exposed Futures is the name given to the learning programmes that aims to make photography accessible to people from every community, perspective and ability.

Belfast Exposed Futures is a dedicated programme supporting new photographic talent in Northern Ireland. The main outputs of the programme support education development, providing skills, mentorship and training opportunities and future career development for emerging artists in photography.

The Futures programme mission is to encourage young people and emerging artists to take part in projects designed to meet their needs and provide them with capacity building skills. Belfast Exposed are also aware that this emerging generation will continue to drive, change and challenge photography for years to come, therefore, we will harness their energy, arouse their curiosity and welcome the contribution that they will make.

Belfast Exposed Futures is a career development project for early career artists. It is a tailored programme, designed to support the development and presentation of new work by emerging artists through professional mentoring, creating promotional opportunities through a solo exhibition in Belfast Exposed, international art fairs and preparing their work for collections.