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A Trace of Ownership – University of Ulster MFA Photography Showcase

Gallery 2

2nd Jun 2022 to 16th Jul 2022

About The Exhibition

To what extent do we have ownership over the paths we take and the stories we choose to tell?

A Trace of Ownership interrogates the ways in which the photographic medium is used to articulate stories that saturate our world. This exhibition brings together questions of boundaries; physical and mental, historical and political, private and public. It conveys the concerns of the national and international artists who have examined not only their subject matter, but the relationship between the artist and their audience.

Belfast Exposed is delighted to present the Ulster University MFA Photography Showcase 2022, A Trace of Ownership. Representing the culmination of two years of work, this diverse and thought provoking showcase highlights both the individual skill of the artists and the holistic nature of the MFA Photography programme.

A Trace of Ownership features the work of sixteen individual artists, from a broad range of backgrounds and with unique approaches to their practice. The variety of themes covered reflects this, with each individual bringing their perspective to the questions of boundaries and the relationship between photographer and subject, artist and audience.

While some of the artists featured are at the very start of their careers, others have embarked upon the MFA Photography course after many years of practice. Yet the passion and dedication of all the artists is abundantly clear in all the work displayed.

Asked about the experience of working with the current MFA class, Professor Donovan Wylie, University of Ulster said:

‘Working with this year's Photography MFA group at Belfast School of Art was an exceptional experience, an honour. We were all back on Campus and fully enjoyed being together producing work at the highest level. Student's individual practice emerged with unparalleled conceptual rigour, and fully professional resolution. As individual artists, and as a group exhibition this is an unmissable show at Belfast Exposed - Don't miss it!’.

Meanwhile, Deirdre Robb, CEO of Belfast Exposed said:

‘Showcasing these artists exemplifies the diversity of photography. Each work sits within its own narrative, telling us stories important to the graduates and us as we navigate our life journeys. For me, the exciting bit is bringing the work together in a cohesive exhibition that challenges, excites and is relatable in its context and presentation’.

To hear from a couple of the artists about the exhibition, you can visit our Exhibition Intro here.

The Artists

University of Ulster MFA Photography Class of 2022

Artist Biography

Michael Sager - The Seam

Sagar has BA in English & an MA in Business, but is now a full time photographer. He uses his practice to explore the world around him: in nature, sport and his home city of Jerusalem. His work has been shown in both local and international exhibitions in Israel.

Poras Dhakan - Namak Halal (Worthy of Your Salt)

Dhakan is a photographer and a Fairtrade goldsmith. He is passionate about analogue photography and alternative printing processes and helps run the 'Analog Photography in UAE' group. He often merges photography with jewellery-making to create wearable art and is currently a member of Tashkeel Studio in the U.A.E.

Aidan O’Neill - When the gusts came around

O'Neill is a Dublin born photographer/filmmaker. In recent years, he has worked predominantly with the United Nations and a wide-ranging selection of NGOs including, Mothers 2 Mothers, Wild at Heart Foundation, Women for Women, Trócaire & The Free Yezedi Foundation. Through his work, he documents & advocates for social justice and equality.

Blaž Gutman - Seventy Years Ago, Was Seven Minutes Ago

Gutman is a Slovenian photographer, whose work focuses on the palimpsest of time in both commercial projects (archaeology, museums) and personal projects (fragility of memories, transience of time). He works for the National Museum of Slovenia and the City Museum of Ljubljana as a photographer. He is currently enrolled in the MFA in Photography at Belfast School of Art, University of Ulster.

Eddie Ryan - The Autocratic, The Democratic

Ryan is a visual communicator, design educator and photographer living & working in the UAE. His primary means of expression is through photography, a subject he utilises both figuratively and conceptually in digital and analogue forms. He is the Campus Programme Co-ordinator of the BA(Hons) Graphic Design programme at Middlesex University, Dubai.

Chloe McCord - Broken Doesn’t Last Forever

McCord graduated with a BA in Photography with Video at Ulster University in 2020, and exhibited ‘Resilience’ at ‘The Collective’ Graduate show in Belfast Exposed 2020. She specialises in photography based with mental health context and portraiture. Her current work is pushing the boundaries of the photography she specialises in, as it features a landscape-based series of images.

Denis O’Shea - This Must Be The Place

O’Shea is working towards the MFA in Photography having recently retired following 40 years as a librarian. His early photography education was a combination of self-taught practice and he has a wide range of previous photographic experience and training, dating back to 1978.

Clara Scullion - clean slate kids

Scullion was winner of the 2017 In Public, In Particular Graduate Award and shortlisted for the 2017 Adobe Design Achievement Awards for videography. As a qualified art teacher, she runs photography workshops as part of her socially engaged art practice.

Guy Martin - Rest and Be Thankful

Martin is a British documentary photographer. Since 2010, he has worked to  document the revolutions sweeping the Middle East and North Africa, and the rise of new cultural identities in Turkey. His new project looks at the discovery of Lithium in England and the implications it will have on society, technology, culture and the global hunt for precious resources.

Joe Laverty - Unquiet

Laverty is an Irish documentary, portrait & architectural photographer.His work often concerns unseen, hidden, liminal spaces in our urban environment and explores our human interaction with them, and his commissioned work has been published in Dezeen, Wallpaper, Huck, Irish Times, Cara and The Guardian.

Brendan Keogh - Resolutions

Keogh's practice has encompassed many aspects of the photographic arts over the years from film to digital and alternative processes. Recently returned to Dublin, his work explores themes of identity and change particularly in a city that has seen radical change in his lifetime.

Shauna Kinchella - Unfolding

Kinchella is an Irish visual artist, working with a variety of photographic media. She has had her work published in newspapers and magazines such as Surreal Beauty, and shown in exhibitions across Ireland.

Natasha Longridge - 'Learning to breathe above water'

Longridge is a photographer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. As a member of the LBGTQ+ community, from a working-class background, she exercises the use of the camera as a personal means to understand her own identity, and the connotations that come from family and personal environment, a process of phototherapy.

Niamh Magee - The Methodology of Walking

Magee is an Irish documentary, landscape and architectural artist. Her work is focused on exploring the connection between space and the individual.

Teresa Lyle - F I N E

Lyle is an artist from Northern Ireland, winner of the 2017 Joseph Harron Award and the 2016Ulster Media Award in Photography. She worked on the Scope Project as a tutor in collaboration with the Playhouse Performing Arts Theatre, Derry and delivers workshops on still and video camera and editing software.

Roz Doherty - The Golden Age of Hijacking

Doherty is a British photographer, whose work focuses on the intersection of myth, fiction, and truth. As co-curator of Miniclick, Doherty facilitates free talks, discussions, and participatory events, with the remit of being open and accessible to all with a focus on ideas and stories.


Show Preview Night

Thursday 2nd June 2022 | 18:00 | Belfast Exposed - Gallery II

Salt Printing with Sea Water - Poras Dhakan

Saturday 4th June 2022 | 11:00 - 17:00 | Belfast Exposed

Late Night Opening

Monday 6th June 2022 | 18:00 | Belfast Exposed - Gallery II

MFA Artists Talk

Friday 17th June 2022 | 18:00 | Belfast Exposed


The work exhibited is the culmination of the two-year MFA Photography Programme at Ulster University, Belfast