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6th Sep - 5th Oct

Off the Rails

'Off the Rails' exhibition is a community focused response by young people from Dunmurry, Twinbrook, Finaghy and Polegalss wh...

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6th Sep - 5th Oct

Cordon Sanitaire

Cordon Sanitaire – the restriction of movement of people into or out of a defined geographic area, such as a community....

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10th May - 10th Aug

In Full Bloom Exhibition – Experiences

The showcase of work in the Arts Care In Full Bloom Exhibitions - Experiences, exhibiting in Belfast Exposed’s Studio Galle...

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1st Apr - 24th Apr

Living in the Moment

Living in the moment is a collaboration between Belfast Exposed and a group of tenants from Mullan Mews and Sydenham Court, t...

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Off the Rails

Gallery 2

6th Sep 2019 to 5th Oct 2019

About The Exhibition

'Off the Rails' exhibition is a community focused response by young people from Dunmurry, Twinbrook, Finaghy and Polegalss which explores the historical nature of the Peace Walls and Peace Lines in the run up to the 50th Anniversary since the first peace wall was erected in Belfast. This project sought to highlight that not all peace lines are perhaps as obvious to those living outside an area.

Overseen by Belfast Exposed Community Engagement Manager Mervyn Smyth, the project was designed to reflect on their experiences of living within the confines of their community in cross-community estates, based at the peace lines in Dunmurry, which is the level crossing on Glebe Road. This has been a gathering point for young people, which impacted the village area through anti-social behaviour. Thanks to the intervention of the project, this issue has now somewhat dissipated, enabling the young people to show this peace line and the dangers of the level crossing as a gathering point.

Supported by Curator Jane Butler the young people co-curated the exhibition utilising photography to explore their fears and aspirations for theirs and their community’s future:

"‘Off the Rails’ is a unique glimpse into the personal stories of the young people of this area within Dunmurry. It brings to life their experience of what it is to live on a peace line in 2019, by giving them a voice behind their images. The work chosen is an attempt to allow them to present a more considered side to their relationship with this area. There is a sense of inaction and tranquillity in the work, which is contrary to the common conventions associated with young people that socialise on the streets. Through an exploration of place, colour and time, the young people take us on a journey through their daydreams. They look inward at their fears, outward to their aspirations; with the knowledge that this won't always be the view."

- Jane Butler (Curator)

This work is complimented by Gallery 1 exhibition, Frankie Quinn’s ‘Cordon Sanitaire’ which presents his latest work on Peace Walls.  Both exhibitions run from 6th September to 5th October 2019.

The Artists

Young People from Dunmurry, Twinbrook, Finaghy & Poleglass


Exhibition Preview

Thursday 5 September | 6-9pm | Belfast Exposed

Free Admission


Off the Rails at Belfast Exposed is generously supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council, Northern Ireland Housing Executive, National Lottery Heritage Fund, Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, and Community Relations Council.