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2nd Feb - 25th Mar

Futures Curator Award: Nothing But A Curtain

Belfast Exposed presents a  journey along the former Iron Curtain from Polish-born documentary photographer Zula Rabikowska,...

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1st Dec - 25th Feb

Street View: Chad Alexander

From December 2022, Belfast Exposed is proud to be sharing a range of work by Chad Alexander via our Street View installation...

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24th May - 25th May

Belfast Exposed Photography Academy Showcase 2022

Belfast Exposed is proud to present The Belfast Exposed Photography Academy Showcase 2022, an exhibition featuring work from ...

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14th Oct - 25th Nov

Looking Through Our Eyes

Belfast Exposed present a photographic exhibition exploring the theme of portraits by a group of individuals who have an acqu...

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Street View: ‘Ambassadors’ by Abbey Bratcher

Street View

7th Oct 2021 to 13th Nov 2021

About The Exhibition

Belfast Exposed is proud to present Street View: Ambassadors by artist Abbey Bratcher.

Ambassadors set out to inspire and inform others about the importance of coexisting and protecting our natural world before it is too late. As humans, we tend to anthropomorphize animals, believing them to embody human-like qualities. In contrast, Abbey believes each animal to be its own unique creature. Therefore, Abbey focuses on light, shadow, and each species’ distinctive textures to highlight the immense details of each animal.

The remarkable detail is exposed in a dramatic natural light as these ambassadors claim their independent existence, giving the viewer the ability to experience each species as its own entity. With habitat loss and poaching acting as major threats to many species, Abbey's intention is to intimately immerse my viewer in each portrait, allowing them to stand witness to a personal conversation about our vanishing wildlife.

Video Link: Street View: Ambassadors by Abbey Bratcher

Street View

The award-winning 'Street View' provides a multimedia exhibition experience to increase the accessibility and visibility of photography on the streets of Belfast. Street View is a large digital window display, complemented with audio narratives, that showcases contemporary artwork by internationally renowned and local emerging photographers to an external audience on the streets of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

Belfast Exposed believe photography is for everyone, it is accessible, meaningful and has the ability to tell stories, allowing us to create dialogue and reflect upon our history, inform our present and inspire a positive future. Street View is another opportunity to extend our vision beyond the confines of the gallery.

The Artists

Abbey Bratcher

Artist Biography

Raised in the American South, and currently based in Memphis, TN, Abbey Bratcher recently completed her Master of Fine Arts in Photography at Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, earning her a distinction. Abbey is a commercial and Fine Art photographer. She has a passion for working with people to create compelling imagery that unfolds powerful stories. In addition to her commercial work Abbey actively creates awareness as it pertains to environmental concerns and the importance of wildlife for our present and our future. Her project "Ambassadors" has been exhibited across America such as Tennessee, Vermont, South Carolina, Minnesota, Virginia and in Europe featuring in Berlin and currently, at Belfast Exposed, Northern Ireland. Abbey's projects have been further featured in the Pingyao International Photography Festival and additionally, Abbey has been published in RPS Journal and featured in Source Magazine Online.


Exhibition Opening

Thursday 7th October | 6:00pm - 9:00pm | Belfast Exposed