Belfast Exposed


1st Dec - 25th Feb

Street View: Chad Alexander

From December 2022, Belfast Exposed is proud to be sharing a range of work by Chad Alexander via our Street View installation...

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9th Feb - 18th Mar

She / Her / Hers / Herself

In January 2023, Belfast Exposed presents an exhibition of new work by the socially engaged artist Anthony Luvera, She / Her ...

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24th May - 25th May

Belfast Exposed Photography Academy Showcase 2022

Belfast Exposed is proud to present The Belfast Exposed Photography Academy Showcase 2022, an exhibition featuring work from ...

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14th Oct - 25th Nov

Looking Through Our Eyes

Belfast Exposed present a photographic exhibition exploring the theme of portraits by a group of individuals who have an acqu...

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iBeholder: Introducing an engaging way to interact with our gallery

Posted on: 5th April 2022

At Belfast Exposed we’re always trying to find ways to engage with you. We partnered with Golant Innovation and Thrive to provide you with a way to explore our exhibitions with greater depth.

The iBeholder is an immersive platform that can be accessed by scanning a QR code next to every exhibit around our gallery. It gives you a glimpse into the artist’s world, their creative process and the story behind the art they create.

We also want to ensure you can immerse yourself in this art-venture wherever you want and whenever you want. You can easily access iBeholder at your convenience by simply scanning the same QR code that is printed on the various handouts available around our gallery which you can take home with you.

The platform is free to use and takes up no space on your device as it doesn’t require you to download any third-party app.

We look forward to seeing you from 11th April to 13th June.